Hey Superstars!

Thank you for finding your way to my girly corner of the internet. I am so excited to get the party Star-ted with you. Yes, there will be Star puns, as it comes with the territory of being named Starleana. So hi! Nice to virtually meet you!
Like all girls named Starleana, I did my Undergrad at York University for Theatre because, like my namesake, I wanted to be a STAR. During my time at Theatre School I immersed myself in all facets of theatre life, and found myself really loving production and design. I loved the idea of being able to imagine the unimaginable, and have the ability to bring it life.

I spent many years working in film/theatre as a head carpenter/set and lighting designer and magically found my way into the world of events after living with family in Ireland that owned an event rental company. Theatre, with it's pit crew-like setups and teardowns, functioned exactly the same as the event world, even the costuming aspect was similar.

So after returning from my lucky Irish getaway I interned at one of Toronto's leading event planning firms Bliss Events. There I truly learned from the best, and helped execute some unforgettable events.

The stars eventually aligned, and the universe gifted me my perfect little girl Lennon. Covid had shut the world down, and in that time I loved creating whimsical milestone setups that eventually garnered attention. From that, and from years of theatre and events, and birthing a cute little human that brought out the best in me, The Party by Star was born.

With that being said, welcome, and thank you for wishing upon this Star to guide you and those most special to you through the most important events in your life.

Hire The Party by Star and become worry free. We had Star plan our son’s first birthday. I had a lot of details in my mind and wanted them to be exactly as I had pictured, not only did Star bring them to life but kicked it up a notch. Everything was PERFECT and exactly like I had envisioned. She took care of finding balloons, cake and other vendors too who did just as great of a job to bring everything together. Start to end of the event was simply amazing and smooth. Star is extremely talented and hardworking, if you are on a fence, Hire her, she will not disappoint.

— Laaiba Jilani—

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